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Welcome to Clean Puppy Pet Grooming

Clean Puppy accepts animals under 35 pounds.


Where your pets experience pain-free, kind and warm handling!

Snowy and MeWe use non-toxic, environmentally friendly and organic products in our grooming services. We use Hypoallergenic, non-alkaline shampoo on every pet. However, if you prefer another specific product be used, and bring that product with you, we will happily use it. At Clean Puppy Grooming Salon, your pets find kind and warm handling. When trimming or cutting hair, pain-free results make for an enjoyable experience for your pets. A cutting blade used to close to the skin is painful and results in a pet discomfort and pain. Our pets can't communicate their discomfort which can result in struggles or less than desirable behavior. Clean Puppy avoids this as much as possible to keep your pets happy with their grooming experiences.


Home grooming your pet requires your utmost patience and soft, light brushing or combing to avoid potential discomfort to your pet...and an inevitable struggle otherwise. Avoid dog bites or cat-scratches with love, understanding and real patience for your pets fear as we do at Clean Puppy.

Occasionally, a dogs hair is too matted and requires a shorter cut to achieve proper cleaning and grooming to eliminate, or prevent rashes and other sores, and to facilitate a better air flow to affected areas. Pet grooming every six to eight weeks is ideal. If hair tangles and matting occur before your pets next scheduled grooming appointment, it's wise to move up the appointment to avoid discomfort for your pet.

You can be assured that if we are unable to brush, comb or use thinning shears without causing discomfort or pain to your pet, we stop the process and will trim the petís hair a bit shorter to reach desirable results. We choose not to alienate our pets or our customers.

Achieving your desired results is our goal. If for any reason you feel displeased with your petís haircut, we welcome your immediate opinion and feedback. If we are notified within seven days, you are welcome to come back so that we can better achieve your desired result!


You can rest assured that your pet is being taken care of by the best groomer available. Stephanie Liao, certified groomer, has the skills and training to make sure your pet is cared for and groomed properly. Stephanie is a professional stylist.  She was granted certification by the Pet Stylist Learning Institute in Austin. She has worked closely with pets of all breeds throughout her career.



"I really like your location, it was so easy for me to find. I live in Cedar Park so I came all the way down for Stephanie's awesome grooming. I love my Clean Puppy!" -Julie H.

"Stephanie is the best! After a bad experience I had with my previous groomer, I decided to try out Clean Puppy. Turns out it was the best decision I've ever made about my pet. My little baby has never looked or smelled better." -Angela A.

"My toy poodle was once terrified of the groomers, but after coming to Clean Puppy a couple of times she is actually excited to see Stephanie! Stephanie has a calming presence over animals and they all seem to love her." -Brian W.

"I was SHOCKED to see my dog after Stephanie groomed him. He looked sooo CUTE. I decided right then that I would only come to Clean Puppy from now on every time my dog needed grooming." -Narcia R.

"So glad I found Stephanie! My Laci Lu loves her and so do I.  She does exactly what I want every time!  I won't go anywhere but Clean Puppy Pet Grooming! "-Suzie H.

"I live in the Oak Forest neighborhood and  noticed the opening of Clean Puppy. I wanted to take my two Boston Terriers for basic cleaning so I decided to try out this new place. Stephanie, the owner, was great! She was very professional and friendly and her store was very clean! My two bostons smelled great when I picked them up. The service provided was exceptional and it made me feel better knowing my dogs were being taken care of by a certified groomer. I prefer mom and pop shops over big chains like Petsmart and now I have the convenience of it being right down the street from where I live. I would recommend Stephanie's services to friends and family. I was very satisfied and will be returning for services regularly."- Stephanie T.

"Stephanie has groomed Ava and Zac for three years, since they were babies and has always done a superior job.  I had two bad expereiences with other groomers in the Cedar Park area and am sooooo thankful for the wonderful care Stephanie takes when my furry ones are with her. Ava and Zac adore Stephanie but were traumatized when I had to take them elsewhere on two separate occasions when Stephanie was out of town. i am grateful for Stephanie and am Happy to see her running her own grooming salon.  Thanks Stephanie" -Ava, Zac, Tam, Collin and Cassidy

"My puppy had his first grooming ever. When Stephanie held him I couldn't believe how calm he was, and he's a wild little thing! My dog had too many knots in his long fur and she had to shave him but left his head and tail long. He looks adorable, and the short cut is better for summer anyway.
I live fairly far from Clean Puppy but is very much worth the extra time to get him there. Stephanie is an artist, and such a sweet person. I wouldn't even think of sending him to anyone else."
-Lisa P.

"Stephanie is the BEST groomer - very friendly, professional, & catering to my dog & my every need!  She treats my Baby Belle like the princess she thinks she is.  Belle is always very excited to go see Ms. Stephanie - she is not just any groomer but our friend!!!"-Natalie I.

"I lived within walking distance of Clean Puppy and thought I would try it out. I was impressed! Not only is Stephanie friendly her furry clientele but she is also incredibly warm to their human companions as well! I have 3 dogs. A very timid greyhound, a mini dachshund and a longhair chihuahua. Stephanie has always treated my dogs with the utmost care and I look forward to our visits! I no longer live close by but I make the drive. Stephanie is worth it."-Guinevere

"I am so sad to be moving out of Austin after finding such a perfect groomer. Stephanie is absolutely amazing and loves animals. Even if we lived on the other side of town, I'd drive the distance to take my dog to her. Unfortunately, a drive across the country is a bit too far! I wish her all the very best. She deserves all the best clients! :-)"-Terry-Anne H

"Stephanie and her staff at Clean Puppy do a wonderful job with my Standard Poodle, Remy! Remy is a rescue, and was terrified of his first initial grooming. Stephanie worked wonders, and provided therapy grooming for him. I cannot recommend her enough. The time and CARE she devoted to him is only a small testment to how much she truly cares for the health, and well being of my pet. Thanks Stephanie!" -Remy and Tamara

"I just want Stephanie and her staff know how happy I was, when I took my pet to get groom...I call all over and no one have an opening date on Sat. to groom my pet...He need it so bad...and then, I call Clean Puppy, and Stephanie got me in and I left my pet and come back, he was so happy and clean...Thank you so much Stephanie..."-Esther Alonzo

"I decided to "go local" with as many things as I can so I gave Clean Puppy a try. My Goldendoodle, Scout, is napping at my feet, happy, with a beautiful trim. My sweet Ella looks beautiful and was given a special less shead treatment. The price is competitive and the result is wonderful. I dont know how they did it but they are calmer and obedient. Makes me want to take the furry kids in every month. Thanks Ya'll!"-Tina Stogdill

Please call or email us to book an appointment for your pet.
E-mail: cleanpuppypetgrooming@gmail.com Phone: 512-731-4702